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Dramix® steel fiber concrete reinforcement for industrial floors. Bekaert Steel fibers available at GNB Group Store. Get Quotation Now ! 

Dramix® steel fiber reinforcement is a range of concrete reinforcement fibers that has been engineered to meet specific requirements of various concrete floor types. From standard indoor industrial floors and hard standings to heavy-duty pavements, the fibers offer an easy to handle, hassle-free, and safe alternative to mesh or rebar.


  • Post-installed rebar connections
  • Jointers for concrete layers
  • Rim beam anchorings
  • Seismic applications
  • Anchorings in diamond-drilled or in waterfilled drill holes
  • Heavy steel constructions
  • Silo installations
  • Tall shelving
  • Sound barriers
  • Temporary or removable fixings (with internal threaded anchor RG M I)

An Arc Flash Kit is a convenient carrying case (or “Gear Bag”) that contains the full set of PPE needed for safe electrical work.

Medium Non-combustible, non-corrosive air, insensitive to  moisture, dust, condensation & oil
Working Temp. -20…70
Medium Temp. 0…60
Temp. Compensation 0…50
Working Pressure Overload 10xFS, burst 15xFS
Accuracy ±1.0%FS(±2.0%FS@25Pa range)
Long term stability ±0.5%FS/Year
Thermal effect <0.05%FS/˚C (zero), <0.08%FS/˚C (FS)
Response time 0.5~30s, can be set by keys
Process Connection 5mm ID tubing
Display 5 digits LCD, display area 44x18mm, with unit indication, field upgradable
Output 0~10V,4~20mA (2 wires), RS485 selectable
Output Load ≤500Ω (current), ≥2kΩ (voltage)
Power Voltage: 16~28VAC/ 16~35VDC                                                                                                                             Current: 18.5~35VDC (RL=500Ω); 8.5~35VDC (RL=0Ω)
Units 5 units, selected by keys (Pa, Kpa, in w.c, mm w.c, mbar)
Zero set Easy to reset by external key
Materials ABS (housing) & PC (cover)
Protection IP54
Weight 165g

AWELD Portable Oxygen Inhaler for Home, Medical, Outdoor, Travel Use (≥99.5% Purity)


  • The robust design can withstand the high requirements of the job site and thus offers a long life.
  • The infinitely variable feed allows the exact dosing and thus ensures easy handling.

Features :

  • The product is easy to use, can be mixed with locally available ingredient to save on feed costs.
  • Optimizing livestock costs. 

NOVAX® Dielectric Safety boots are a new product which eliminates the need to wear a dielectric shoe along with an overshoe by combining both products into one shoe. The NOVAX® Dielectric Safety Boot is tested up to 20kV and is also a certified Safety Shoe.