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WH SWW 1532 Anti Sticker
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SWW 1532 Anti Sticker is a one-component unique and
special blended waterbase synthetic coating which upon
drying, forms a permanent non-stick surface, preventing
adhesion of sticky glue, stickers, bird nesting, etc.

SWW 1532 is used to paint onto painted surfaces,
including metal, zinc, wall tiles, road signboards, etc. It
dries to form a slightly opaque to clear coating which
provides excellent anti-adhesion properties, so that
stickers can be easily peeled-off from all surfaces treated
with SWW 1532.

- Excellent outdoor resistance against rain and u.v. light.
- Slight opaque to clear coating suitable as top coat.
- Contains fungicide to prevent moss and fungus
- Easy to apply by brush or roller.
- Cleaning - easy cleaning by water - application means.
- Provides long lasting coating.
- Strong anti-stick properties thus discouraging
unwanted pasting of stickers.
- Significantly reduces small bird nestings where they
are not wanted.

Surfaces to be treated with SWW 1532 must be clean,
dry, firm and free from oil, dust, grease and dirt.

- Bare cement / concrete or high absorbent surfaces
should first be primed with one coat of SWW 1532
diluted with water in the ratio of 1:½.
- Not recommended for PP/OPP/PE surfaces.
- Best results are obtained wih 2-3 coatings.
- An appropriate inter - coat setting time is required. The
usual setting time varies from approx. 15-30 mins on a
hot, dry, day to a longer period on wet or colder days.
- Coverage is approx. 6m/litre, and can vary according
to surface absorbance and leveling.

1 year if kept indoor and away from extremes of weather.