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WH ECO-Tuff MP Primer - 5 Litre
Brand WH
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ECO-TUFF MP is an multi-purposed epoxy primer and intermediate coating. It give excellent and double corrosion protection. It has high content and quality pigments and produce a continuous paint film after dry,cures through wide temperature range, self priming top coat over most existing coatings, resist high humidity and moisture and excellent adhesion protect surface from moisture penetration.



Widely recommended for area where blasting is impractical or impossible, such as industrial facilities bridges, tank exterior, marine weathering, offshore, oil tank, piping, roof and floor, chemical plant and port facilities

Generic Multi-Purposed Epoxy
Component 2
Finish Matt
Application Airless or conventional spray,brush or roller
Colour Light Grey
Flash Point 20ºC
Curing Mechanism Solvent released & chemical
reaction between Components 
Pot life 2 - 3 hours after chemical reaction
Volume solid 68%
Mixing ratio 4 : 1 (Part A : Part B)
Dry film thickness 100 microns
Thereotical coverage Approx. 6.8 sq.m./litre @ 100 microns
Drying Time At 30ºC
Touch Dry - 1 hour
Hard dry - 4 hours
Coats 1 to 2
Overcoating Internal At 21ºC
Minimum - 6 hours
Maximum - unlimited
Thinner/cleaner WH-Thinner 12
Shelf Life 1 year from shipping date when stored indoor at 5 to 38ºC

VOC 506 g/lit as supplied

416 g/kg of liquid paint as

Note: VOC values are typical and are provided for guidance purposes only. These may be subject to variation depending on factors such as differences in colour and normal manufacturing tolerances.


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