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5-layer protective KN95 has a filter efficiency greater than or equal to 95%. FDA registered and CE approved, this mask features a comfortable ear loop, adjustable nose wire, 5 layers containing cotton, non-woven cotton, meltblown fabric, and a hot air filter cotton. It's filter can block out harmful pollutants, viruses, bacteria, and droplets (non-oil). Uniquely shaped to fit all faces with excess space to breathe easily.

A safe, comfortable and breathable environment for you face and eyes.

Anti-saliva, anti splash, anti-impact, anti wind, block sand and dust with multiple protection.

AWELD Portable Oxygen Inhaler for Home, Medical, Outdoor, Travel Use (≥99.5% Purity)

NOVAX® Dielectric Safety boots are a new product which eliminates the need to wear a dielectric shoe along with an overshoe by combining both products into one shoe. The NOVAX® Dielectric Safety Boot is tested up to 20kV and is also a certified Safety Shoe.

An Arc Flash Kit is a convenient carrying case (or “Gear Bag”) that contains the full set of PPE needed for safe electrical work.